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Our Company's Heritage

HFI Distribution is a Family Business

HFI Distribution is a family business. Our most recent rebranding was carried out in 2010, but our eventful history stretches back to our launch as Adams & Bristow in 1932 in Kingston-upon-Thames. From a modest start, the operation grew to a fleet of 13 vehicles, mainly servicing local manufacturing and retail companies.

The business became well known in the area. In fact, few companies become so integrated into the community as to have a street location named after them, but there is a Bristow’s Corner in Kingston!

Adams & Bristow was also involved making automotive history, having been engaged to transport Sir Malcolm Campbell’s famous Bluebird that broke the world land speed record. Our link with the automotive sector has grown from strength to strength since then and HFI Distribution frequently undertakes transport and logistics assignments for customers ranging from Formula 1 racing cars to passenger vehicles and components.

High levels of customer service and investment in resources

Our fleet has changed out of all recognition since those early days, and we operate vehicles ranging from vans to 7.5 tonne lorries up to articulated vehicles with 13.5 metre trailers. The growth in air cargo movements from Heathrow has meant that we have established close connections with local freight forwarders who require the services of a company providing specialised, dedicated transport. Together with our nationwide and overseas distribution activities, this keeps us very busy!

Today, the current generation of Bristows continues the family's ethos of providing customers with high levels of personal service while undertaking high levels of investment in our fleet supported by transport and logistics resources.

HFI Distribution has continued to establish long and mutually beneficial working partnerships with both customers and suppliers, something our founder Mr A. Ewart Bristow would have been proud of.

Practical transport

Delivering equipment for a wide range of industry sectors

Tractor Units

Continually expanding vehicle fleet

Reliable service

Fully versed to comply with national and international travel regulations

Vehicles for all demands

We have a versatile vehicle fleet

Committed and friendly

Our team aim to deliver each consignment on schedule

DVSA Compliant

We comply with Operator's responsibilities

HFI Distribution has the capabilities and resources to overcome any obstacle in the process of transporting cargo to its destination

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