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HFI Distribution

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HFI Distribution

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Welcome to HFI Distribution Ltd

and to our long history of excellence in transport and logistics

From our base near Heathrow Airport, HFI carries out round-the- clock nationwide and international deliveries for customers across a diverse range of industry sectors.

Moreover, the type of shipments we handle is incredibly varied. From the finest examples of high-performance engineering to the heaviest of heavy duty machinery or the most hazardous of dangerous goods, HFI Distribution has the capabilities and resources to overcome every obstacle in a cargo's journey to its destination.

We will rise to any challenge

HFI Distribution has an extensive vehicle fleet ranging from vans to 7.5 tonne trucks with tail lifts up to 44 tonne tractor and trailer units. There are also specialist units, such as a forklift mounted trailer unit, ideal for remote off-road duties when required.

Then there are our Q6 and Q7 roller bed trailers, which are regular visitors at Heathrow and other airports. These are noted for their ability to enable the rapid and efficient loading of ULD Aircraft pallets.

The range and versatility of the HFI vehicle fleet and equipment, coupled with the skills, training and qualifications of our vehicle crews, means that we can successfully handle shipments such as huge aero engines, delicate Formula 1 racing cars and quantities of explosive or flammable items. There's just no stopping us!

HFI distribution - We rise to any challenge
HFI Distribution We can deliver throughout the UK and overseas

We can deliver throughout the UK and overseas

The efficiency of our nationwide UK services is complemented by our experience and expertise in international transport and logistics. Our operational resources and the contacts we have established worldwide means that we can handle all types of cargo shipment by land, sea and air.

HFI Distribution are Regulated Agents with the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) CAA GB/RA/00460-02/0418 and our consistent skill in handling air cargo shipments has earned us approval from many of the world's leading freight forwarding companies.

Our drivers have undertaken CO training, qualifying them to transport and protect air cargo that has been subject to X-Ray security checks.

We offer dedicated trucking services to all parts of Europe, using double-manned crews for cargo handling when required.

HFI also meets the demands for ADR compliance, so we are able to transport dangerous goods as well as other cargo categories.


We control every movement of cargo

Using advanced vehicle telemetry and traffic guidance systems technology allows us to ascertain the position and status of customer shipments in transit throughout the UK and overseas at all times.

Using Our EDI interface resources, we can also provide immediate POD (Point of Delivery) and loaded notifications.

Our experience, expertise and our extensive range of technological assets enables us to undertake the wide variety of cargo shipments we regularly handle with consistent reliability and accurate scheduling.

HFI Distribution We control every movement of cargo

... and we go back a long way!

Few haulage companies can claim to have had a similar length of experience in our field, for our company has been in existence since the 1930s. There is a wonderful monochrome photo on our Company Heritage web page of the vehicles we used then as Adams & Bristow to compare with those in the powerful fleet we now have at our disposal as HFI Distribution. But there are some things that haven't changed. We are still a family business with the same family in control as when we started.

Our reputation for integrity, reliability and quality of service has been maintained and built upon by succeeding Bristow generations and by the people that worked for them.

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HFI Distribution has the capabilities and resources to overcome any obstacle in the process of transporting cargo to its destination

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