HFI Distribution

Highest Levels of Security

HFI Distribution handles a wide range of shipments for customers requiring the very highest levels of security.

Security Certification

HFI Distribution are TAPA TSR 1 Certified Transport Provider

“HFI's commitment to safety and security is reflected throughout our company with 100% fleet control. HVC (High Value Cargo) and HVTT (High Value Theft Transport) shipments are moved using our security enhanced fleet, with enhanced training and secure protocols”

“HFI TAPA TSR1 Vans, Trucks and Trailers are of the highest standard and include the additional Enhanced Locking System option, and include the below security options. All security systems are connected to our certified tracking, monitoring and an intervention coordination centre.

Express Dedicated Vans

HFI provide a fast, efficient, and reliable same day delivery service throughout the UK. Whether your consignment is time critical, high-value or hazardous; HFI can provide you with a dedicated service to ensure your freight is collected and delivered on time.

All HFI drivers are CO trained as a minimum, as required by the CAA. All vehicles are GPS tracked along with geo-fencing for extra secure cargo movements.

HFI EDI customers have the capability to track every stage of your delivery from pick-up to delivery and our transport team will inform you immediately of any unforeseen delays.

  • Local & National Express Service
  • Simple & Flexible booking options - By phone, or through our online booking system
  • Fully trained professional drivers
  • TAPA TSR 1 Secure cargo deliveries / Remote lockdown / Monitored
  • Mobile technology and GPS enabled fleet
  • Hazardous Consignments

First Class Rigid Vehicles

  • 7.5 Tonne Curtain Tail Lift
  • 7.5 Tonne Box Tail Lift
  • 18 Tonne Curtain Tail Lift (Air Ride)
  • 18 Tonne Box (Air Ride - 5m Side Open Door - Full Cantilever Tail)

Personal Security

  • Silent (duress) panic buttons
  • Double Manned Vehicles
  • Driver Education & Training
  • Various Secure Communication Devices - Connected to monitoring station
  • GPS Tracking/Location with geo-fencing alarm monitoring

Vehicle Security

  • Vehicle HD CCTV
  • Reflective Trailer/Truck ID Roof Top Registration
  • Vehicle Alarms
  • Live UK & European Tracking - Street Level
  • Alarm connected to monitoring centre. Alarm in case tractor and trailer are separated
  • Door sensors connected to monitoring centre
  • Pneumatic door locks
  • Remote Lock-down system
  • Reinforced cargo compartments
  • GPS street level locator
  • Cargo compartment fitted with internal rear door lock-down system, operated remotely

Consignment Security

  • ISO 17712 (H) metal bolt & cable seals
  • Reinforced cargo compartments
  • Heavy Duty Padlocks
  • Vehicle CCTV
  • Double Manned Crews (where requested)
  • Escort Vehicles (Inc unmarked)
  • Driver Training including Level CO & ADR
  • CAA Regulated Agent
  • GPS navigation system with geo/fencing functionality

Staff Security

  • Staff Training (External) Robbery Response & AVSEC
  • In-House Training - Security Protocols
  • Pre-employment background checks (CRB)


  • Documented Security Plans
  • Standard Operating Procedures & Guidelines
  • Security Organization & Resources


  • Education & Training
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Security Pre-Alert Programme
  • Customer Updates

Risk Mitigation

  • Identify & Prevent incidents
  • Risk Assessments (Route, End-to-End Supply Chain)
  • High Vulnerable Cargo (HVC) Security
  • Mitigation Strategies

Physical Security

  • Intrusion Detection & Alarm Systems
  • Digital Video Recording systems/CCTV
  • Cargo/Vehicle Tracking
  • Drivers Rules & Guidance
  • Security Escorts
  • Cargo compartment CCTV
  • Remote Lockdown

Personal Security

  • Background Checks
  • Information Security Controls
  • Restricted Access to Controlled Areas

Incident Management

  • Incident Reporting
  • Incident Notification & Escalation Procedures
  • Incident Response & Investigations
  • Customer Communication

Regulatory & Government Programmes

  • Subcontractor Management
  • Compliance Audits
  • Government Security & Regulatory Compliance Programs (AVSEC)
  • Quality Procedures

HFI has the in-depth experience and expertise to evaluate and respond to every nature of risk likely to occur in transport and logistics projects both at home and abroad.

Real Time Tracking & Security Geo-Fencing

This would be natural to expect from any responsible haulage company, but in our case is of critical importance. The items that are entrusted to us can be extremely valuable, such as F1 racing cars, or potentially dangerous, such as hazardous goods. In every case, cargo protection is critical and we cannot, and do not, fail in any respect.

All goods in transit are tracked in real time through live vehicle telemetry, which tracks our vehicles throughout the UK and Europe. This is complemented by traffic guidance systems to ensure that we know the position and status of customer shipments at all times and EDI interface capabilities to immediately confirm delivery at end-user destinations.

HFI Distribution has the capabilities and resources to overcome any obstacle in the process of transporting cargo to its destination

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