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Overcoming Demanding Challenges
HFI Distribution’s versatile trailer units can allow loading by crane

Our crews are trained and resourced to undertake all types of specialist and demanding deliveries, with our exceptionally well-equipped vehicle fleet geared for every sort of shipment. However difficult the challenge, we will find a solution!

Shipments that we handle will vary hugely. These can range from high performance F1 racing cars to heavy bulk equipment such as huge storage tanks, pipeline sections, aero engines and construction equipment.

Our transport fleet includes trailers with open roof capabilities for loading by crane and Moffatt trailer and forklift truck combinations for load handling at any location, whatever on-site resources may be available.  We have vast experience in undertaking every kind of collection and delivery project and we haven’t been beaten yet!


Meeting Exacting Shedules

HFI distribution has extensive experience in air cargo deliveriesWith many years of experience in handling air cargo assignments at London Heathrow and other airports, as well as serving sea ports and other nationwide and international destinations, we have a proven track record for accurate planning and scheduling of deliveries.

Our Q6 and Q7 rollerbed trailers allow for fast and efficient shifting of pallets, so cargo does not stay on board for long once transit has been completed. The versatility of our fleet, the skill of our driving crews and our expertise in logistics management ensures that we can reach our destinations on time every time.

Vehicle telemetry to track our vehicles and worldwide traffic guidance systems ensure that we know the position and status of customer shipments in transit


Providing Logistics Flexibility

HFI Distribution delivers throughout London and to locations nationwideVehicles in the HFI Distribution fleet range from 7.5 tonne trucks with tail lifts up to 44 tonne tractor and trailer units, which gives us the versatility to operate equally effectively in city centres and out of town locations. Whatever the job requires, we will have a vehicle for it!

Our vehicle fleet also includes 15 tonne and 18 tonne trucks, providing the flexibility for handling a wide range of different shipments. This wide range of vehicles allows us to cater for customer demands with complete accuracy, whether we are transporting garments or air conditioning units or delivering equipment for construction on flatbed trailers.

At HFI Distribution, we use our extensive transport resources to provide just what the customer requires with the maximum efficiency, security and care.

Excelling in Professional Standards

HFI Distribution has a reputation for reliability and expertise in the logistics services we provide to customers in a wide range of industry sectors, and we have a wide range of professional qualifications attesting to the quality of our operation.

Excelling in Professional Standards
  • Regulated agents with the CAA
  • Civil Aviation Authority CAA GB/RA/00460-02/0418
  • Approved by many of the world's leading freight forwarding companies
  • Drivers have undertaken Casp D training to transport and protect air cargo that has been subject to X-Ray security checks
  • HFI Distribution meets the demands for ADR compliance, enabling us to carry hazardous goods

Our commitment is to provide services that are designed around the customer’s specific requirements, complemented by friendly personal support and advice at all times.

 Excelling in Professional Standards